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A Hub that Rewards

We are a recognized Think Thank in Nigeria that provides opportunities for intelligent and bright professionals in the area of Economics, Accounting and Finance to sell their skills, knowledge and share inciting offers to the public. We offer virtual and physical trainings aimed at skilling-up these professionals while providing opportunities for them to grow their career or business. This, in many ways, help provide solutions to Nigeria’s increasing unemployment rate by getting them involved in beautiful projects and allowing them earn a living serving clients across broad spectrum of Industries. 

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Rewarding Membership

Membership is open to only students and graduates of Economics, Finance, Management and Accounting. In addition to this, you need to hold a minimum of a Second Class Lower at the time of your application to qualify. 

Contribution to National Growth

As one of Nigeria’s recognized Think Tank, we play huge roles in ensuring that the International Community understand explicitly, the economic contexts of Nigeria’s economy while advancing for policies that promote our economy. We also teach thousands of Nigerians through our SmartLeaves Magazine about taxes, demand, inflation, exchange rate and other economic concepts.

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Hire Our Professionals

We allow you have access to the services of our members for a token. Depending on which of their services you want, they will provide you with highly-professional deliverables. Our organization matches your needs accurately, ensuring that the bests are given to you. Our members offer services in the area of Project Writing and Data Analysis, Trainings on Sage, Quickbooks, Xero Accounting Software, Trainings on EViews, Stata and SPSS Analytic software, Report Writing, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tutorials.

Get Updated with our SmartLeaves Magazine

SmartLeaves Magazine offers you the opportunity to know more about the economy. Our magazine provides interesting reports about the economy of Africa. Click on the Link below to get SmartLeaves for free.